Sad13, Slugger Album Review

SLUGGER, Album Review

Sad13, also known as Sadie Dupuis, is a pop star that isn't just frills and lace (though she wears those, too!). Not afraid to take a stand in forced societal roles in relationships, she is a new voice and a fresh take on what it actually means to be a strong female in a pop world. Better known for her front-woman position in Speedy Ortiz, Sadie has traded her place in the alt-rock world for a more feminine, yet equally badass, touch. She proclaims this album to be likened with a column in a paper, "advice column pop." However, with it's explosive bass beats weaved in with subtle and catchy nuances, we think that is too narrow a description. A few shining examples of how Sad13 is able to balance the beam of pop and depth are such in the song Get a Yes there is a reminder that there is power in the dress, "I say yes to the dress when I put it on/I say yes if I want you to take it off." And in the upbeat Hype she tells of many struggles in the world of competition, "Don't y'all catfight for the spotlight?/Who's the final girl?" and yet adds the notion of coming together instead of pulling apart with "Claws protracted, but we're not scratching/We boost each other up." But don't forget to listen to the first verse of Hype, Sadie isn't afraid to say exactly how she thinks and feels... The notion of pop music often brings the ideals of bubble gum and summer days at the beach playing volleyball. And while one can definitely deem this as driving music, tunes that summon feelings such as "Devil In U" and "Fixina" offer a bit more self reflection. Sad13's Slugger is definitely on our list of must listen albums, this may just be what one needs in order to find restoration in pop music again.

Catch Sad13 at Larimer Lounge on November 26, 8pm.