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About Mile High Feedback

Mile High Feedback was founded in May of 2009, by Colorado native photographer Eric Gruneisen. With the ever changing world of entertainment, and event photography, it was determined that having his own entertainment review web site would allow for him to continue to not only gain access to local events as a member of the media, but also would take him out of the very competitive, and popular type of photography that has been revolutionized by the digital age. With the digital age improving everyday, and professional cameras becoming more advanced, and less expensive,the amount of new photographers wanting to enter this type of photography has become overwhelming, and the market over saturated.

Mile High Feedback has become fully dedicated to bringing not only the best visual coverage of events, but the best written coverage also. With some of the best local contributors, which includes some of Colorado's top photographers, and local sponsors, Mile high Feedback has taken a unique and different approach to covering events. As the publication grows outside of concerts, MHF is committed to bringing, local sports and local businesses in to the spotlight of events we cover.

We do not wish to be a publication that jeopardizes quality, by cutting corners and using interns and photographers that are willing to provide their services for free, instead we have become a driving force to keep those highly talented individuals working.

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