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These may be new artists to us or returning favorites, but without a doubt 2016 was FULL of new music we loved and couldn't get enough of! If you don't know of these artists yet, we think you should!


Christine and the Queens

Héloïse Letissier, better known as Christine and the Queens, has been tearing up the charts in France and is crossing the pond to make her mark on American pop music. Incorporating elements of synth dance pop and gender fluid topics, Christine and the Queens is our top pick of 2016!



The Human Condition

Currently on tour with Twenty One Pilots, Jon Bellion has quickly rocketed to the top of the "on repeat" list with All Time Low. Mixing contemporary pop with R&B beats and an indie rock pump in for good measure, we have a feeling that the "broken pride" Bellions sings of has been mended by now. *FIRE PICK*



Grammy winning Frank Ocean released his second studio album and reminded us why we loved him so much the first time. While he is a singer/songwriter/rapper, he doesn't fit into a simple category. Rather, the artistry of his lyrics and experimental nature of his music make us want to fit him more in the realm of a poet to a backbeat. Whatever the genre, we can't get enough!




JoJo was just 13 when her 2004’s debut single, “Leave (Get Out),” reached the pinnacle on Billboard’s “Pop Songs” chart, making her the youngest-ever solo artist to have a #1 single in the United States. MadLove now sees the talented singer/songwriter partnering with a number of top pop producers and embarking on a world tour early next year. We can't get enough of her now just as we couldn't back then!


Failed Flowers

We can't listen to this debut full length album of Failed Flowers without being transported to another time. The polished garage band sound feels like a scene from a 1960's flick with a glimmer of an indie grunge explosion. The influences of Brit-Pop are oozing from these 9 solid tracks on the self titled album. We are hoping these Michigan residents make their way to Denver for a face full of rock.



Church Fire: Pussy Blood

Playing in what seems like every venue in Denver this year, church fire has been lighting a blaze to the local music scene. Listed as a Top 20 Denver experimental band, the track Breast Bones has been on repeat for a better part of the year. Get out and support local music, and these two are one of the tops to see in action.

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Get to know them a bit...

The Nadas are a band from Iowa. Yes, they have been around long enough that if they were a car you would keep them covered in your garage except for sunny weekend cruising. But that isn't what is important about their story. What is important is that they make music that makes you feel things. Happy, sad, nostalgic, optimistic, energized, curious, inspired, and confused. The important part is that it makes you want to listen, and sometimes dance.

See them in Denver!

Slugger, Album Review


Sad13, also known as Sadie Dupuis, is a pop star that isn't just frills and lace (though she wears those, too!). Not afraid to take a stand in forced societal roles in relationships, she is a new voice and a fresh take on what it actually means to be a strong female in a pop world...

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